About Us


During 2020 we noticed that the global restrictions on travel and the almost collapse of the events industry pushed many owners to either postpone, abandon or move their events to one-way streaming platforms. This opened up multiple conversations with those in the industry and an idea on how the future would look for decentralised trade fairs.

As the general public adopted platforms such as Zoom into their everyday working life we felt the time was right for MultiCityTv to be born.

We quickly took on board the challenges that needed to be addressed and started working on a range of solutions that if combined, would dramatically work on kickstarting the industry in the coming years.

Our core focus is on direct communication, reducing delegate travel, adoption of a multiple-city delivery focus, integrate and adopt current technologies to deliver TV production quality content and above all else allow for two way connection and productive sales channels for stakeholders.

In the pursuit of this we created four distinct offerings, one aimed at connecting production and delivery partners, another offering on-demand production, a platform for the set up and delivery of Trade Fairs and our own showcase events from 2021. Read more about us and the past events in the news and blog sections.

We hope you enjoy our offerings as much as we enjoy creating them for you. If you have any questions, comments or needs then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cofounder / CEO

Madis Laas

Cofounder / CTO

Rainis Vares

Project manager

Carolyn Pippar

Sales Manager

Mall Freiman