Hybrid Events, the preferred format for the future

Hybrid events, the preferred format of the future.

If you have been paying attention then you may have noticed that Hybrid events seem to be the latest innovation or at least the buzz word of choice in the events industry in 2020.

Quite often many on-line or virtual events are wrongly labelled as a hybrid event due to the popularity of the word. So let’s first look at what a Hybrid event is and what can it offer attendees.

What are Hybrid events ?

Primarily hybrid events mix both the physicality of a live event with a virtual or streaming layer that connects multiple locations or people into one seamless event.

This allows for a primarily single venue event to be delivered across multiple venues whose satellite audiences are inter-connected both physically and virtually.

The awareness of hybrid events has been highlighted by the recent global pandemic and adoption of Zoom as a daily business tool. Live in person events have bee decimated by international business travel and the large scale venues effectively being shut down.

Why Hybrid works

All successful events are still fundamentally driven by the ability to connect, share ideas and above all the ability to enter into in depth discussion on any given topic. With the adoption of a multitude of newly created virtual platforms, these can be delivered easily, remotely and effectively. However many often lack that human emotional element that comes from shared experience in a physical space.

Hybrid works in two ways.

Firstly it opens up a physical event to an extended audience in a voyeuristic way as they can view the stage elements remotely. By adding in participation elements through interactive chat, side events and other live audience members allows continued participation for those who cannot attend in person.

The second way is it offers a multi-centred event that addresses the need to deliver tangible elements as well as personal connections to smaller audiences. This appeals to a certain style of event that needs to incorporate an in-person program or demonstrations to groups of 20-100 people simultaneously to multiple interconnected audiences.


Hybrid events can deliver seamless, secure content that allows its audience to join the global discussion from either the main venue, hosted smaller locations or individually through any number of interactive hosted channels for meetings, 1 to 1 and group discussions.

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