By decentralising a single host venue into a interconnected network of host locations as well as key virtual elements, MultiCityTV and its partners, deliver seamless content to numerous satellite audiences that are fully engaged through the interactive communication channels at their disposal.

The flexibility and adaptability of this solution is ideal for secure government meetings, large public events, press conferences, product launches, trade fairs, tourism sector events and corporate broadcasting events.

We develop and deliver our services through a verified network of audio-visual partners that offer you a strong foundation from which to design, build and deploy your next impact full hybrid-event.

From sophisticated digital set designs, latest technologies and proven program structures, we ensure your event stands out as a global beacon of uncompromising quality that matches your brand.

Accessing our collective experience allows us to technically host your event, allowing you time to focus on confidently delivering your content to your collective audiences in a professional way.

We want you to never stop sharing your thoughts with the world.

Adopting a multiple city event with our Marketplace platform approach allows you to address a myriad of health and safety, security, travel and financial constraints while delivering additional benefits for yourselves, sponsors and business partners.

While virtual events are drawing large crowds due to attendees no longer limited to attending a single venue, they can often fall flat when it comes to the ability to interact with their audiences.

By delivering two-way open communications to and from each studio, they become part of the global discussions as well as the ability to interact on side channels during and after the event itself.