All events that deliver value in a congested marketplace do so by offering an engaged experience along with interesting side events and content. Virtual ones need to set themselves apart by offering more than just a streamed stage or a Zoom based screen with multiple faces.

Quite often you hear that the delivery method is not the key as it is the message that is more important. At MultiCityTV we believe that to be untrue, after all we attend a show, a movie, a seminar to be entertained as well as to listen to the message.

At MultiCityTV we have multiple in-house resources at your disposal above and beyond our event production capabilities.

Why You?

Designing how your event is styled, delivered and above all communicated will help it break through the noise. Your targeted audience needs to be able to answer the question ‘Why You?’

Effectively branding and marketing your event is key to this.

We can help in

Website Presence

We can create unique landing sites that offer an insight into what our event is about. A streamlined page that welcomes your customers and informs them what to expect both in visual and written form. By building in effective SEO capabilities we help you to be found.

Event Marketing

With our combined resources we can create a multiple channel campaign that moves your customer from the moment of interest to being an active participant in your event. Your event can only be found if it is marketed in the places that your targeted audience visits.

Video welcomes

Nothing says welcome better than a short welcome video, especially on an exhibitors or sponsors page. We all need to entice our customers to talk with us so by instantly connecting a brand or product to a face creates the desire to connect.


In some cases we can actively support and help sell your sponsors or exhibitors spaces through targeted campaigns and effective B2B materials.