Marketplace Overview

Our Marketplace platform has been designed to deliver cost effective B2B fairs by removing the need to develop  your own costly platform.

Uniquely customisable, the platform offers events a dedicated landing page,  one that hosts both the live and on-demand content as well as sellable exhibitors and sponsors sections.

Pre, live and post event there is the ability to book and attend one-to-one meetings with exhibitors as well as sign up to participate in breakout sessions.

The platform offers simple and effective plug and play solutions as well as a quick to market set-up that is born out of a single landing page design.

As all happens in one site valuable data archives can be obtained to analyse program details, future interests of the audience, as well as exhibitor engagement for follow-ups after the event. Attendee data is automatically archived based on interest to improve future events.

Holding a virtual Marketplace dramatically reduces the overall cost of delegate non-essential travel and addresses their many time constraints, while positively impacting the overall carbon footprint of your event. If your desire is to add this as part of a live event then you can also reassure delegates and exhibitors that your event will not be disrupted by the next unforeseen global event, as after all the virtual one can still go ahead.

Exhibitors can book their attendance, pay and quickly fill out their assigned shell that includes a company overview, listing of three distinct product lines they wish to showcase, links to their social feed as well as a single embedded video showcase and Call to actions for direct selling during the event itself.

All attendees are encouraged to go through a single sign-up procedure that eliminates drop out with a secondary information layer asking them if they would like to be part of the match-making program. This allows the platform to recommend products, exhibitors and keynotes based on their intentions or interests.


Quick to market set-up with dedicated customer support.


Unique sponsors’ presence and virtual exhibitor booths created instantly.


Central place for registration, sponsors leads, on demand content, breakout sessions and hosting of the live event itself.


Quickly analyse data for event follow ups and re-marketing.

Marketplace is designed to be the event owners virtual venue that optimises the multiple interactive elements
required for both exhibitors and visitors.

All attendees are actively encouraged to explore your event while being directed to the virtual expo booths and live stage sessions based on their interests.

All the features you need in one convenient place.

The Stage

An integrated landing page that hosts your broadcasted live streams, pre-recorded programs and those all
important connection channels.


Trade-Fairs growth

With unlimited exhibitors and sponsors accommodated, your event can be as expansive or as niche as you define it to be.


Exhibitor set-Up

Direct in-platform set up for virtual exhibitors allows them to adjust their page in real-time, all with our dedicated support team on hand to help.



Live interactive text chat is available to all those watching the streams as well as direct response opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors.



By gaining your attendees hot topics and interest points, Marketplace directs them to the exhibitors that best meet their needs as well as informing exhibitors of their interest.



One-touch registration for visitors though a simplified process that eliminates drop out rates. 


Call to Action

Exhibitors can add CTA’s and virtual sales options directly into their page.


Networking and Sessions

The platform hosts a number of group discussions as well as the ability to book timings for 1-to-1 conversations through the exhibitor’s meeting calendar.



The platform analytics allows for real time metrics for both pre, live and post event for both event owners and exhibitors.



Virtual events come with unlimited possibilities. Marketplace allows you to deliver your unique version in a way that builds a strong community around your brand.


Fairs & Trade shows

A virtual expo allows for all of the Marketplace features to be engaged to maximise interactions and delivering real value to all.



Marketplace can be used for hosting of premium conferences, with multiple meeting rooms and 1to1 channels available for networking and discussion


Hybrid events

For those hosting a physical event, Marketplace opens a virtual entrance to your venue that allows for the engagement of a new online audience.