Marketplace Pricing

Standard Marketplace

4999 Annual
  • +100€ / per booth (minimum) Plaform ready for uploading data by clients
  • Adaption of existing event branding
  • Briefing clients IT expert

Suitable for expo owners who manage local trade fairs / events

Advanced Marketplace

13 999 Annual
  • +200€ / per booth (minimum) Exponent onboarding assistance
  • Client onboarding & set-up
  • Video chat rooms & matchmaking
  • Custom marketplace design
  • Available Vbooth sync to selected expos Enables local events/fairs to expand to regional markets

Suitable for ambitious trade fair owners who want to expand digital borders

Custom Marketplace

  • Premium web-TV broadcast expo Includes video and event production (LIVE)
  • MultiCity® Full Experience Enables cross-border LIVE event communication with professional content production and distribution
  • Custom API software integrations
  • Supportive Marketing & PR

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