Live & Premium Digital Events

Connecting audiences on global scale.

MultiCity™ delivers two-way connected, multi-venue meetings and broadcast events.

We believe that all successful events are driven by the desire to connect, share ideas and above all, the ability to enter into discussion on any given topic.

Premium experience

As our world moves in new directions, operational pressures have been placed on those producing events. We help delivering new premium experience.

Borderless networking

Interconnect small audiences across multiple locations to deliver a truly global event without the inconvenience of mass international travel.

Engaged audiences

Engaging solutions for your next large public events, press conferences, product launch, trade fairs, tourism sector events and corporate broadcasting events.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way connections that encourage satellite group discussions and side channels allowing for one-to-one conversations in and around event.

Cross Over Trade Fairs

Deliver tangible elements to your virtual events through interactive physical product demonstrations in each location. 

Valuable Data Analysis

Collect real time user data and a valuable data record of your event through log-ins and pre-arranged recording of discussions

Multi-Venue Meetings

Produce an impactful event by skilfully mixing live, pre-recorded, interactive panel discussions and audience participation.

Broadcast Globally

Engage title sponsors at both global and local levels, affording them the flexible in accessing local audience hubs.​

Connect with Speakers near you

Offer in demand Key-Note speakers the opportunity to appear on your stage digitally, from a studio close to their home.

Benefits of a multiple city events

Engaging venues

We work with a myriad of studio set-ups and flexible venues which allows you to deliver an immersive experience that mixes your global view point with a dynamic localised focus. By adding native local hosts, each interactive studio can engages attendees more emotionally with your digital content, creating valuable local connects was well as cross border ones. A local approach can increase desire to participate as international  travel to a major single location is irradiated for many.

Success Is Collaborative

We deliver our services though a verified network of audio-visual partners that offer you a strong foundation from which to design, build and deploy world leading events. Our partners will support you through the planning process all the way to a successful flawlessly executed event. From sophisticated digital set designs, latest technologies and proven program structures, we ensure your event stands out as a global beacon of uncompromising quality that matches your brand.

Deliver on A Global Scale

Hosting any successful event is driven by sharing ideas within an environment that allows for productive and active discussions.

MultiCity™ builds on these core objective principles by delivering two-way connected, multi-venue meetings and broadcast events. By decentralising the historic single host venue into a network of interconnected host studios and venues, MultiCity™ and its partners, deliver seamless, secure content to engaged satellite audiences multiple interactive communication channels. We help you and your audience join in the global discussion as well as host a number of interactive side channels for meetings and group discussions.

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