MCTV Events

MultiCityTV events are a range of self produced virtual conferences that touch on various global topics.

Our aim is to entertain, educate and showcase not just what we can deliver from a technical standpoint but to initiate future possibilities of what hybrid and virtual events can deliver which in turn we can adapt into our customer offerings going forward.

See our Marketplace platform in action.

Event Production

MultiCity TV also offers an array of additional off-platform services to assist you in the production, design and successful execution of your event.

Our global partners are on hand to help devise and deliver the key pieces that interconnect your overall event and enhance its production value.

By skilfully blending live presentations with pre-recorded elements, interactive panel discussions and that all important audience participation, your event or trade show maintains the interest of those visiting it virtually through out the day on your MultiCityTV Marketplace landing page.

Benefits of incorporating MultiCityTV virtual elements into your event program

Marketplace platform

Virtual layer as add-on for your continuity on your market. We help your exhibition to proceed with virtual layer before EVERYTHING will be messed up and your routine disrupted.


Ready for service

You can think to make your own virtual exhibition – you really can. Before taking this path, we advise that it can take a long time to identify and handle all the needed connected functions.


EASY to start

It is so easy to adopt, that nowadays everyone can make an exhibition’s virtual layer.


Agile adaption

Your exhibition’s virtual layer will be settled in one week. No long discussions, writings of briefs, waiting for meetings – it is already ready for use. You just name the colors, you like most.


Cost efficiency

You can never get these functions on better price because it is done already. The quality is seen.


The same result with less travelling

You can organize or participate at conferences, have talks without long trips. Virtually we reach to the same results with less cost.


Help your clients to sell globally

Digitizing your event will help your clients to sell globally. Let’s add value together to the supply chain.


TripleStream™ technology

TripleStream with our online contacting helps viewers and your customers to close deals, which makes your marketplace valuable for them.


Original TripleStream™ technology

MulticityTV’s broadcasts can be streamed at “interactive three-in-one” frame. Switch between three parallelly streamed scenes for maximum engagement and value


Build your “TV-Expo” format

MulticityTV’s platform helps to take advantage from connecting live streaming with exponents’ online offerings. This is unique on the market. Make the real show as TV-expo.


Original “TV-EXPO format” show

We blur the borders of TV show and expos, offering MulticityTV’s customers an engaging, interactive broadcast on our Platform. Start to plan a show with your branding elements! MCTV helps to cover all the myriad of details on this mission.


Flexible amount of participants

Flexible amount of participants We handle 50 or 5000 exponents according to your sales. The Platform enables to grow your existing fair. You can bring virtually attracted exponents to your physical event.


Book a virtual booth call

Our Platform enables buyers to take a online web call to presenter’s virtual booth. Just make people present to answer the questions and have a good negotiation.