MCTV Events

MultiCityTV events are a range of self produced virtual conferences that touch on various global topics.

Our aim is to entertain, educate and showcase not just what we can deliver from a technical standpoint but to initiate future possibilities of what hybrid and virtual events can deliver which in turn we can adapt into our customer offerings going forward.

See our Marketplace platform in action.

Marketplace is a range of self produced events that touch on various global topics.

With each event our desire is to entertain, educate and showcase not just what we and our partners can deliver from a technical standpoint, but to initiate future possibilities of what hybrid and virtual events can offer which in turn can be adapted for customers going forward.

By developing a range of events around interesting core topics we can build community and offer the opportunity for more city locations to host the live segments as well as to introduce new partners to an engaged audience.

Each event will be hosted on our own Marketplace platform and will be used to continue its development to fine tune our turn-key solution for event owners. 

In 2021 we are producing a number of continuous events around the subject of the Built Environment as well as looking into the marketplaces of Tourism and the Green economy. Our premiere will be in April with Architecture Live!

While these are self-funded we are open to partnerships in and around this model through organisations, governmental or city based support to help deliver interesting stage locations, speakers and above all topical discussions.

For more information on this we would be happy to discuss your participation. Just leave us a message or book a demo!

MultiCity TV also offers an array of additional off-platform services to assist you in the production, design and successful execution of your event.

Our global partners are on hand to help devise and deliver the key pieces that interconnect your overall event and enhance its production value.

By skilfully blending live presentations with pre-recorded elements, interactive panel discussions and that all important audience participation, your event or trade show maintains the interest of those visiting it virtually through out the day on your MultiCityTV Marketplace landing page.

Benefits of incorporating MultiCityTV virtual elements into your event program

Marketplace platform

Using a proven base your virtual B2B Trade fair presence can be up and running in days allowing your marketing teams to get to work selling sponsorships and virtual booths.


Trade-Fairs growth

Remove roadblocks such as time international travel, and overall cost for participants.


Pricing Model

Create tiered pricing based on each level of access to full or part programs as well as tailor the exhibitors packages to your needs.


Convenience for Key-note speakers

Increase speakers and panellist availability by importing them from their nearest stage or partner studio.


Dynamic Trade Fairs

Present to individuals and groups virtually while pre-delivering key elements to all attendees.


Add sponsors

Add value by offering global virtual awareness as well as more localised or targeted activation opportunities for each territory, targeted city or even regional transmissions.


Mitigate cancellation risks

Reduce the stress of changing regulations by designing an event that adapts to physical cancellations by moving the full program on-line.


Maximise attention

Deliver smaller coordinated physical elements in key cities that are defined by your customer metrics and data.


Recorded and re-deployable content.

Record the entire event or parts that need to be transcribed for permanent record or for secondary streaming.


Design in active discussion

Programs that promote interaction between attendees and satellite studios through virtual dedicated side channels.


Audience metrics

Collate watch times and sign ups to evaluate effectiveness as well as post meeting marketing and follow ups. Offer exhibitors data on casual browsers to their pages.



Build-in elements such as translation, localised wrap-up sessions and after main transmission network events. For global events this could enable multiple language landing pages.


Go Green

Actively promote green credentials through reduced travel as well as the event owners duty of care.