Our Sustainability

Duty of Care

As the event industry is shadowed by the threat of a global pandemic, reducing large in-person attendance limits the risk of infection and outbreaks that could happen as attendees pass through busy travel hubs.

Create your green advantage by adopting a hybrid approach as this can reduce the cost of non-essential travel and time constraints for a large number of delegates, while simultaneously reducing the overall carbon footprint of your event.

This offers a marketing opportunity to reinforce the sustainability practises of your conferences global impact while positively reflecting an enhanced duty of care in our current economic climate.

Engaging Your Customers

Creating the desire to participate in and travel to single location events can often be challenging, especially in today’s global constraints. 

MultiCityTV solutions offer a range of venues, in easy to access locations that reduce international travel and a myriad of financial objections.
This format delivers flexibility for dynamic localised add ons such as translations, native speakers hosting in person wrap-up sessions and live entertainment following the main transmission.

Hybrid events can be appealing to partners and sponsors who wish to add a physical engagement element to each city event. One that can be driven by a local office with an aim to build dynamic relationships.

Each venue can still offer food and beverage driven networking events with representation tailored in a more personalised, culturally sensitive and productive way.

The hosting and creating of smaller interactive studios engages attendees with your digital content, leaving them emotionally connected with those in the room and subsequently your event.


Adopting a hybrid or solely virtual approach dramatically reduces the cost of delegate non-essential travel and addresses their time constraints, while positively impacting the overall carbon footprint of your next event.
This offers you the ability to reinforce and market your green credentials and sustainability practises on your global impact while enhancing your duty of care in our current economic climate. 

As long as the coronavirus remains a possible threat, reduction in travel can eliminate close proximity infection that can easily happen in large in-person events.

This can also reassure delegates that your next event will not be disrupted by travel restrictions or the next unforeseen global event.