Event Partners

By establishing a global delivery network based on an invitation and verification process, we ensure that our partners have a proven track record in delivering virtual events with technically superior and uninterrupted services.

Each partner is verified during our on-boarding process to ensure they can deliver a professional, engaging and high quality service across all styles of events.

Partners are supported to help deliver our customers a seamless process from the planning stage all the way to a successful flawlessly executed event.

We want your conferences, trade-fairs and events not only to be in safe hands, but experienced ones.

If you are planning to engage multiple presenters across different locations, then consistent co-ordination and technical parity is key. Your dedicated point of contact has the ability to contact others partners to coordinate the event on your behalf, before and during the live stream.

All of our technical partners have access to our resources and can engage us with any production and on-demand creation as well as presenter information packs and workbooks that can be useful in your pre-event planning process.

Even if we do not have partners in your targeted host city or countries, we can often source them through our existing network.

As our key customers come from both the Public and Private sector, we demand our partners not only maintain a high-level of technical professionalism but also inspire our customers to deliver emotionally connected interactive events.

MultiCityTV offers everything in one place for even the most discerning of clients.


MultiyCityTV Marketplace comes with support for both event owners and their exhibitors. These unlimited support channels open from the date of contract signing all the way through to the post event analytics.

For event owners we become you go to partner that is on hand to discuss all aspects moving forward from:

Live stream feed testing. We can support your hosting into the front page of your landing page.

Exhibitor support to ensure their pages are set-up. Our teams are on hand to talk with them directly to walk them through all stages of the process if required.

Our Platform can easily run on your event URL or as a secondary page depending on your needs

On-demand links can be embedded into the landing page to allow visitors to view content even when the live stream is on a break.

We can talk through your program and offer suggestions on getting the best out of our Marketplace Platform.

Post event follow ups can be sent directly to exhibitors so they can see who clicked or view their virtual booth allowing them to send post event emails.

For event owners we offer analytics on the overall number of attendees, how long they stayed on the platform as well as the most popular topics or exhibitors allowing for you to develop your next events content better. Sending a thank-you recap message or video link is always a nice touch.