Hybrid Event Platform

Worksup has been organizing conferences and business events for over 20 years. At one point, facing different event industry challenges they decided to create an event platform both easy-to-use for attendees and quick set up for organizers.

Keep your audience posted

– Upload the agenda and add speakers introductions and pictures. Tere can also be several sessions running simoltaneously.
– Change the schedule at any time to keep it relevant.
– Link additional resources such as slides or synopsis to the details senction.

Let the audience make their own agenda

– People can look at the agenda without having to install another app.
– Participants can schedule sessions that they wish to attend.

Let exhibitors get qualified leads during virtual events

– Exhibition contains information about every exhibitor, with their logo and branded banner
– Participants can set up meetings or start a conversation with exhibition representatives to learn more about the company or their product.
– Participants can watch exhibitor’s presentation or video.

Engage participants who cannot be on site

– Let remote participants follow live video from your event.
– They can participate in polls and tasks as they were there.
– Although not physically present, remote participants can network too.

All in one

– Both remote and on–site participants use the app simultaneously.
– For remote participants, the live stream, interaction and networking tools are all in the same app.
– For setting up you just need an EMBEDDED link from your video production partner.

Give people a voice with Q&A

– Give everyone in the audience a chance to ask questions.
– Have the audience decide which are the most important questions.
– Eliminate the fear of asking questions by enabling anonymity.

Manage large audiences with ease

– Run Q&A’s smoothly without messing up the event schedule.
– Filter all questions to show only relevant ones to the audience.
– No need for assistants to run the microphone down the hall so people can ask questions.

Help the audience keep track

– Enable participants to ask questions whenever they like without interruption.
– Show questions on-screen during the presentation to boost audience engagement.
– Unanswered questions can also be answered online after the session has ended.

Collect insight from the audience

– Find out who is in the audience and what they want to hear the most.
– Ask multiple or single choice questions from the audience.
– Inquire for real-time feedback to a thought, a session or a whole event.

Hassle-free setup

– Engage people without them needing to download another app.
– Creating a poll takes only seconds.
– Show the results in real-time on the screen – either as columns or sectors.

Make your event useful for finding new contacts

– Paricipants can create their own profiles with their interests and skills.
– Worksup matches the participants with similar interests.
– Participants can also themselves browse the list to find the people to meet and propose a meeting.

Easy to use

– No need to download another app.
– All meeting logistics become easier for the organisers and the people.
– Get statistics on how many appointments are made to use this data for organising next events.

Organise smooth workshops

– Ask participants open-ended questions to get more detailed insights.
– Organise group assignments or give individual tasks.
– Use te gathered insight at the event but also save it as a report for later analysis.

Simple setup

– Engage people without them needing to download another app.
– Creating a text task takes only seconds.
– Show the results on screen, one-by-one or all at once, in different visualizations, including as a word cloud.

Break the ice with your audience

– Compose creative assignments.
– Organise group assignments.
– Create competitions.

Simple setup

– Engage people without them needing to download another app.
– Creating an image task takes only seconds.
– Show the results on screen, one-by-one or as a slide loop.

Make Worksup look like your own app

– Name your event and give it a unique ID keyword.
– Choose the background colour that matches the event’s identity.
– Use the event logo and other images to maintain an even more specific visual identity.
– You also have the ability to present the sponsors of the event.

Whitelabel design

– Basic white-label design with header, background, colours, and fonts changed according to the clients choice
– Advanced design where a wider variety of design features can be customized
– Domain masking, e.g. Worksup platform can be installed to www.yourbrand.com/live
– Embedding Worksup within your website

Custom Access

– Access with the personal link, participants profile will be prefilled with name and organization
– Sending personal links to the participants
– Access with the requirement to fill in e-mail, and then receive a personal link
– Access after filling in data form at the entrance, gathering the data
– Access with the integration to Fienta registration and ticketing platform

Priority support

– Initial set-up of Worksup for the client
– Priority customer service

Virtual project managment of your event

– Project management
– Scenario planning
– Format and content consultation
– Preparing speakers
– Assigning and managing vendors
– Implementing the event
– Meetings and reports

Advanced analytics

– Participant tracking at the virtual expo
– Participant involvement during the program


– Virtual expo area for your event partners, vendors, or sponsors
– Virtual branded stand for each partner
– Opportunity to present value proposition, presentation, movies, leaflets, etc
– Opportunity to organize activation games for participants
– Chance to easily contact partner representatives

Enable chat between attendees and organisers

– Allow communication in both directions by permitting attendees to contact the organiser via app. Organisers can reply individually. Is the venue too hot? Too cold? All can be solved in real-time.

Share task results with outsiders as a graphic file or live presentation link

– Share live link of poll or task results to any outside media. Anyone with the link can follow polls and tasks live. Download picture file for event report, social media or other.

One-click pdf event summary or xls data file for later analysis

– Download xls file of anwers for custom analysis. Download pdf file for answers together with graphics for the event report.